Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend movie mania

That was quite a range of movies I saw this weekend - from the absolute crap to the superlative !
Let us start with the worst first :-)

Superman Returns
I wish that he had not returned. The whole story is told in the title - Superman returns. Thats about it.
The biggest nonsense ever made in movie-making history : and that is saying a lot since we have had other emminently forgettable nonsense coming out of Hollywood recently like MI3 , Oceans 12 , etc ... heck , this movie rivals with the worst of Bollywood for the top spot !
The idea behind the movie is like this - superman is a household name , we want to make money out of it : thats about it.
God knows when moviemakers will realise that special effect's cannot carry a movie : if the story is crap , irrespective of the effects you put in it , it remains crap.
There is no plot in the 'story' (and I use the word loosely here) , we have superman as a super-stalker - leaving no privacy to law-abiding citizens , we have a baddie who is a baddie since the movie needs a baddie and he has to look 'cool' and 'menacing' and do supposedly "Evil (tm)" things.
This is one of those rare movies which remains hopeless even if you are watching it in the companiy of friends :-(
And lest I forget to mention , Hollywood seems to be in a 'romantic streak' : god knows why they are hell bent on adding that unnecessary dash of 'romance' to further muck up the already miniscule plot.
Next thing we know , we will have "Hulk 2" where we have a "hulk" and "hulkess" doing romantic nothings while jumping around arizona locked in a ballet , flattening cities and towns : morons. Hmm , the flattening cities would be fun actually ;-)

That was saturday ... and a very bad week for watching movies : or so I thought !
Sunday was surprisingly good ...
Manoj aka MMN (actually Three Angles :-) ) finally premiered their movies ... and since I woke up a bit late , forgot my packet of rotten eggs and tomatos in my hurry to get to the venue :-P

Of the three short movies they were supposed to screen , the first : Deja Vu (title is not very apt IMO ... but no intellectual discussions about it : Anoop) was their final project as part of their movie-course ... and I had already seen this one.
It deals with premonitions ... and is done well. Too bloody effective maybe , last time I saw it I fell unconscious and had to go to Bombay for 7 months to recover :-P Ok ok , I fainted cos effects of a past food poisoning incident ... but adds a nice twist to the story about the movie , dont you think ? ;-)

The second one , "The Bet" , started off really well ... this was the first time I was actually seeing Vipin's animation in 'action' so to speak :-) Inspite of Vipin not liking this particular work of his that much , I must say it looked pretty good !
I really liked the way the animation merged into the actual movie - slick editing ... and the bike race in the begining was shot really well !
Alas , that was about it - "technical difficulties" ended that movie pretty abruptly.
Considering that there was a software engineer who did electronics engineering , and a hardware engineer as two of the three angles , it is a pity they could not 'fix' this :-P
Proper beta testing was not done before release I think ;-)

The third was 'Causality' ... kind of weird title and starts off with a quote by "Merovingian" , hehehe.
This movie seemed to be of much better quality from the previous ones (of what little we saw of the second) - it was surprisingly good : and mind you , I did go there with high expectations (it was "Cannes MMN"'s movies after all :-P) ... considering the constraints under which they worked , they have pulled off a very remarkable feat indeed ! Congratulations !!
Not going to delve too much into the details , but I will be very surprised if this does not bag a few awards :-D
By the way , this movie also seems to take Quentin Tarantino's approach to violence : they made it an animation :-) ... done by our very own Vipin. The music composition seemed to have a pink floyd touch to it ... very nice.

The actors for all the movies are all supposedly amateurs ... and all of them (except maybe for the maid in the third movie - that is the only part which is not as good as the rest) have done a great job. By the way , the sharp eyed viewer will notice the cameo apprearance by the director in the movie ;-) MMN does a Alfred Hitchcock :-P

The weekend ended with a classic : Shogun Assasin.
This is one kickass movie ! I cant even begin to describe it ... and if you are wondering where you have heard it before , it is the movie BB watches with Beatrix (the bride) at the end of Kill Bill Vol 2.
If you have not seen it , I can only say - watch it.
If you are queasy about seeing blood : too bad , you are missing a treat !
It is the story of a assasin as told by his 3 year old son : need I say more ? :-)


Blogger Moonjungle said...

Eda, its not Three Angels. Its Three Angles.

7/09/2006 11:26:00 PM  
Blogger Mridul said...

Corrected it ... my stupid mistake :-)

7/09/2006 11:56:00 PM  
Blogger MMN said...

Hmm... Choriyeda, chori :). Thanks for the post man, we are getting good publicity. :)
The reasons behind the animation?
1. I thought it will add value to the whole film
2. The whole movie was shot in 22hrs (from 8:30 am one morning to 5:30 am next morning) and I thought we would run out of time (which we did :))
3. /me a big fan of QT :)

And how nice of you to call us "Three Angels" (though we belong to the other type :))

7/10/2006 10:17:00 AM  
Blogger cRaY3 said...

Superman only returned to know that he had a lousy kid..wait for the next sequel...Superman-Hum apke hain koun.

7/11/2006 05:52:00 PM  

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