Monday, July 03, 2006

Business Integration

IBM/Bea/others released "Service Component Architecture" ... I was reading through it a while back and frankly , it was a bit too complicated and I left it at that ... I had beta stoppers to fix :-P
I left it as my lack of understanding the "big picture" as to why I did not immediately 'get' it ...
Refer to what Ron Ten-Hove (JBI spec lead) has to say here and here.
Check out here for more thoughts.
It should be remembered that both Bea and IBM pulled out of the JBI spec : I guess SCA is the alternative that came out of their parallel efforts ...
While we are at it , check out "Advanced Message Queue Protocol" - another interesting spec. (writeup here).
Everything is so complicated ... *sheesh* , so much to learn and understand , yet so little time !

Something else which I am trying to finish is Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell.
Friend of mine showed me the online link ... but just cant find time to sit and read it through :-(
The online library which hosts it is cool though , check it out ! I found some other interesting works too :-D


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