Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some thoughts ...

Some expierences of mine from recent weeks expressed as proverbs and soundbites :-)

From coding :

  • In any well designed and implemented piece of software , higher the priority/severity of a bug found late in the release cycle - the smaller the change required to fix it.
This does not mean it will be easier to identify the cause ... just that the fix would be small when you identify it :-)
  • Prime cause of bugs unearthed late in the release cycle is due to "new features" integrated ...
And I continue to fall for this in almost every product/release I have worked on ...
Post-beta , in every product , I have checked in pretty significant product functionality changes :-(

  • In modern processors , do not try to 'guess' the 'cost' of a piece of code based solely on simple heurestics - measure it.
I have seen pieces of code time and again which 'look' more heavy , and yet execute faster due to effects of branch prediction , L1/L2/mainmem interactions , TLB thrashing , pipelining , etc ....

From outside work :
  • Familiarity breeds contempt.
  • Procrastination is a sin.

I would be pretty much maintaining e-silence for a month or more ... though I will continue to post on my work blog for the project that I do there.
Have fun !!


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