Saturday, July 08, 2006

Geek code

The last time I wrote down my geek code was 7 - 8 years back ... seen to have lost all references to it - except what I vaguely remember it to be.
So here is my latest :

Version: 3.1
GCS/E d-? s:-- a- C+++ !ULS P+ L++(++++) !E W++ N- o? K? !w !O !M
!V PS+ !PE Y? PGP t- 5? X- R tv+ b++(+++) DI++ D++(+++)>++++
G+(++) e++ h+ r-- y

For those who cant be bothered with decoding it , click here.
What I found strange was that , for many things I dont like to comment about my opinion ... or find the options listed there woefully ambigous. Things are way too fuzzy now ... and I am more painfully aware of my ignorance now than ever before.
Also , as compared to what I remember my old geek code to be , I think the current one is much more toned down in terms of my 'capabilities' :-) I must have been one cocky chap then ! :-P


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