Thursday, June 22, 2006

Accidents ...

Since it is almost a week since it happened , and no one has come to thrash/arrest me yet I guess it might be ok to spit it out now :-)

Last week saturday , I got into two accidents - back to back !
And no , both are not my fault - wait , I know that is what all say , but these really are not my fault ! Read on ...

I was supposed to have a 2 hour class , and the driving school instructor had this 'brilliant' idea that he will take me to NH (national highway) so that I can drive faster and get a better 'feel' of the vehicle.
We were cruising at a slow 50 kmph for about 15 mins or so on the way to Hosur .... when the whole drama started.

We were on the extreme left and the car some way in front decided to park. The instructor decided to slow down our car , and we passed that chap at a reasonably slow speed ... when I felt our car being nudged from the right.
Since there was nothing in front , I turned slightly to see what the hell was that.
I see this scorpio (I think) veer away from us very very sharply to the right !
He goes and rams into the barricade on the extreme right , bounces off it (or maybe a sharp turn to left after ramming I guess) and finds that there are lots of vehicles in front of him again.
He spins out of controls and heads for the barricade on the right again ... unfortunately , there is an auto there now (actually there were a lot of auto's going on the extreme right - idiots) ... and to make matters worse , I could see 2 or 3 ladies in it :-(
That is the last I saw , my instructor asked me to speed and we 'fled' from the crime scene.

(This happened later) ----
Later my instructor told me that the scorpio was overtaking a car which was in the process of overtaking something else.
After his high speed stunt , this scorpio guy sees these auto's in front , he veered sharply to the left to avoid them : that is when he found our car going at the extreme left at a comparatively slow speed ... and so more sharp turns and ultimately losing control ... I guess when he nudged us , he thought he was going to hit hard and turned too much !

The instructor's analysis was that there is nothing wrong with what we were doing - except for the fact that a driving school vehicle should not be on the highway in the first place : which is why he asked me to speed.
He told me that the auto was "flattened" :-(
I was totally shaken by the whole deal .. but knew there was nothing much I could have done anyway.

Now , if you imagine the ordeal for the day was over , hold on !

So the logical conclusion was that , we have to get out of NH so that we do not repeat stuff like this again - and when we saw the next junction, we decide to exit the highway.
This was a busy junction with lots of busses and trucks coming from the side roads - with a few traffic cops managing stuff.
The access road to the side road which we wanted to take was totally ruined (almost no tar!). The traffic cop manning it asked us to stop , and we came to a halt awaiting his further instructions - he was standing right next to our car in the front left side.
As soon as the trucks pass , he asked us to go on ... as we started moving the cop suddenly turns around (until then he was standing with his back to us) and in the process , he found his feet under our tyre !!
That was the end of it. He asked us to take the car in front (instructor braked seeing the guy turn - but not fast enough) , the same cop came in front of the car (so no injuries) , asked us to park on the side ... and then 30 mins of abuses , negotiations , etc started.
Instructor handled everything - I did not even leave the car .... but boy was I feeling bad !

Rs. 350 and 30 mins later , we started off again for the rest of the class ... and was the instructor hyper paranoid ! :-P Surprisingly , I was pretty cool about everything until I was nearing home when the whole series of incidents really struck me.
Thankfully the rest of the journey was uneventful - though it felt like everyone on the road was jumping in front of my car !

I was horribly shaken by the time I reached home ... took quite a bit of time and cajoling for me to shake the incident off.
And there ended a very eventful and pretty nasty saturday :-(


Blogger  said...

Boy, that must have been a terrible experience. During my test drive, I did a kinetic honda from behind and knocked off the tail light box. Though the instructor tried blaming me, I said I am just learning! So he did the fight :-) but man that brought my confidence level back to datum.

And highway accidents are common. I am not saying to be insensitive to them, but it shouldn't wreck your nerves. In the 1000-1500 kms drives we had in the past, we saw remains of vehicles in conditions where it is difficult to imagine the condition of the occupants. You can't drive any longer if they affect you.

6/26/2006 05:55:00 PM  
Blogger Mridul said...

I got to friends place , and drank like a litre of water while moaning about the whole thing ...
I guess it might have been boring for them ;-) but I was beyond caring.

But surprisingly , about 20 mins or so later I was way too normal - surprised me !

6/26/2006 08:21:00 PM  

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