Monday, June 05, 2006

XMPP interop

Would be attending the XMPP interoperability event at Oregon on July 24th and 25th. Maybe I might also attend OSCON (not sure) ... Should be interesting to finally meet the people I interact with on the XMPP/jabber standards-jig alias (well , what limited interaction I have ;-) ).
On a personal note - and maybe more importantly , I will get a chance to meet Girish , Ajay and Daniella (anyone else around ?) ... not to mention the people I have worked with for 5 years at Sun US and never met :-P

Yep , always 'resisted' attempts to send me to US ... had this aversion to going there : as Manoj put it - you finally capitulated !
This has been mostly as a result of acute laziness ;-) But I guess the main reason would be the way typical manager in India use offers for 'US trips' as some sort of 'keep employees happy' freebie. Ok , will shut about more 'analysis' on that topic - bottomline , never been out of India if I could help it :-D

If anyone else I know around Santa Clara side during July/August time (I should reach around mid july and leave at mid August - assuming I get my Visa this coming week ;-) ) , let me know and we can try to meet up !


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