Monday, May 22, 2006

To do and what I do

I dont suck so much now at counter strike ... and consistently get a kdr of > 1 even when playing pro's : which means , I kill more than one person before I get toasted :-P
Counterstrike source is one kick ass game as I keep saying time and again - playing against other people is more fun due to the unpredictability , and even more so 'cos of the excuses that they give after you '0wn' them and call them 'n00bs' :-P

I need to stop playing CSS so much and start looking at a bunch of things though ...
1) Work on a new opengl 3d engine - been promising guru about this for ages now already !
2) Work more on xmpp-im-client ... early design phase , so dont want to rush stuff.
3) Need to work on a new chess engine ... started but too lazy :-D Yep , primary focus for this engine is different - more on move ordering , pruning and search ...
4) I have tonnes of books to finish ! Have any of you read any science fiction books by Robert L Forward ? I picked up a few from Blossom this weekend ... sound promising.
5) I have a whole bunch of games to finish too ... the latest of which is Rise of Legends which I picked up with guru yesterday (it looks promising btw).


Blogger jesuswarmachinekilla said...

i do not know who u (and yes i put u insted of you so what iam still not a noob) are i love counter strike but you are probly a noob and if you piss me off i will get my brother fps doug to kick your asss i am not as good as he is but i can get loots off boom head shots

5/22/2006 02:54:00 PM  
Blogger Mridul said...

Heh , love that show !
Give my regards to "fps doug" :-P

I am still a n00b , but I am better than most other n00bs out there >:-)

5/22/2006 03:46:00 PM  

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