Friday, May 26, 2006

Old age

Logged into Orkut and it told me -
Today's fortune
You are going to have a very comfortable old age.

Extremely interesting ...
assuming I make it to old age (by whichever definition) , what does this mean ?

* I will be financially comfortable ?
Not likely , considering that after 5 years of employment , other than my computers , books and stuff at home I have nothing else to show for it.
According to my mom , I have inherited this spendthrift nature from my grandmother ... so highly unlikely to be a financially comfortable old age unless I do the next Sabeer Bhatia and earn 10x more than him ;-)
* I will be comfortable with friends and family ?
Assuming my friends and family outlive me (highly likely) , I would love this to happen.
Maybe I will not be able to go on a roadtrip ;-) but would love to spend the rest of my life in the relaxing and engaging company of friends , reminiscing about past incidents , events and the like ... something I do already to a large extent anyway :-D

* I will be alone , but happy and contented ?
That would be awesome too , though to a lesser degree as compared to above.
I would love to have a quiet and peaceful 'rest of my life' in front of a calm and relaxing beach and sipping on coconut drinks :-)

* None of the above ...
If I remain 'comfortable' , it cant be too bad can it be ?!

And no , I do not believe in fortunes :-)
Yes , slightly bored of fixing bugs and ensuring spec compliance ;-)
It was nice fun to think of the really distant future though ....

PS : Does anyone like the video of 'In your eyes' by Sheryl Crow ? That would be nice too ... though in my case , first two sections of the video are not possible ;-)


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