Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blast from past

Last weekend, while having dinner I noticed someone staring at me through the corner of my eyes.
Focussing , the person was bringing out all sorts of weird associations which I could not really place. The face was strongly familiar and yet I could not place my finger on who it was.
I gave this really really small and unsure smile and he responded - and the smile gave up the person - it was Prasanth from college !! (fondly called GP). Well , not just college , I was his classmate from school :-D
I went over and found his wife , Eapen and Dinu with him.
It was nice fun catching up with them - all of them looked slightly different in ways that I cannot really place , and yet they were the same :-)

They were recollecting some incident which happened when we were leaving for home the first time after joining college (which would be 2 weeks since joining ;-) ) ... something which happened almost 9 years !

Though for a really short time , it was nice fun talking to them ....
I have met Dinu a couple of time before (shame on me - I work in the same building as him :-( ) and GP and Eapen only once before in Bangalore (shame , shame :-(( ).
So many good friend with whom I seem to be losing touch - so sad.

Which brings us to a strange observation I made - there is this unusually high percentage of my friends from college who dont seem to have quit their first job since leaving college !


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