Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to basics

I am going back to basics - well not exactly a new years resolution, but something that I decided that I needed to do over the long weekend.
I am starting up with OOAD , going to spend sometime reading up on all the papers , articles and books : revisit and reinterpret them based on what I have gathered in the months/years since I read them.
This has already been enlightening for me - so will continue in this vein for sometime (maybe about 2 or more weeks).
After that , will switch track and most probably will go towards specs and rfc's that I work with.
Lot of assumptions that I made while reading these will be revalidated , corrected or thrown away based on what I learned since then.

Have been neck deep in work - and now I can see light finally :)
Finished research on a complex framework, finished reading and understanding a few JSR's , articles and papers : overall , past few weeks have been hectic to put it mildly and have been hugely rewarding intellectually !

* The only other fun that I had was in playing online AOM dm (bloody addictive !) , online chess and Pirates! that I bought recently.
Sid Meier is a legend and a personal hero and I always like ensemble studio games :)

* Season's greetings :
Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

* Restructured the right bar a bit , added some links - removed some others
* Might remain MIA for some more time ... so the blog will be in a state of stasis : until later !
* There are some amazing pics on Kousik's blog - really brilliant ones !!


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