Friday, October 22, 2004


My life had been nomadic throughout - dad had a transferable job , so it was pack your bags every 2- 3 years.
Mom just loved this kind of life - she always liked the excitment of going to a new place , setting up home , exploring the places and people around , while dad enjoyed the challenge of managing a new office , learning and improving himself , meeting new people and problems - that kind of thing.
All in all , this kind of life was something they liked (unlike a lot of others having transferable jobs !)

My feelings are kindof mixed in this regard - other than the house we own at trivandrum (part of our ancestral property) , I dont really relate to any place as home.

For me it is the people who make up the place and the surrounding are just yet another attribute. So home is where my parents are : not the actual location , but their current abode.
Dunno about my sis - but rarely heard her crib ;)

I enjoyed the frequent shifts in some ways.

I am not anything close to what people would call an extrovert - I am more introvert-ish.
But I do seem to make some good friends whereever I am - so it is cool :)
And ofcourse , while at school , this gives me a chance to shift to a new school by the time teachers branded me as a troublemaker ;)

What I dont enjoy about the whole deal is the fact that I resist and resent change.
I tend to 'fit into a routine' and changes are not taken very well , I tend to lose rhythm.
Instead of a number of small incremental changes (disturbing) - I prefer a complete change and get everything reset back to square one.
Maybe this last attribute helped me deal better with the frequent transfers that dad had.

Now let me clarify - frequent transfer means I am in a place for atleast 2 years and never not more than 3.

The only place where I was for 4 years continous is REC Calicut - my engineering college.
I met a lot of 'interesting people' there - to put it mildly and made some of my best friends ever.
Needless to say , the college changed my life in more ways than one.
Still , there is no nostalgia associated with the place as such - I do remember the fun we had , the trouble we got into , the people there , but am never nostalgic about the place.
The college as such is just emotionless brick and mortar to me - I have heard other people express different sentiments in this regard.
When I went to college sometime back - I felt nothing !!!
I was actually surprised - I am in 'some ways' a bit mushy and emotional :D (NOTE : only in some ways !!)
And this was the place where I had stayed maximum amount of time continously - had some of the best moments of my life (and some of the worst troubles) and yet I felt nothing.
The place was totally alient to me - other than my teachers , everything felt cold and alien. (Hmm , some of my teachers were also cold and alien ;) )
It was like yet another set of buildings - nameless , faceless and totally cold.
I am pretty sure if I had gone there with a bunch of friends , it would have been totally different !!

Maybe I should have made the trip with Alok and Ajay this weekend ......

Ok , back to watching Animatrix - these things disturb your brain patterns people and put disturbing thoughts in your head !!!


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