Friday, August 27, 2004

Cool flash sites

Usually I do not like sites where people insist on you using some plugin , some browser ver , etc.
In general , I do not prefer using and propogating proprietary stuff - but these sites/flash uploads were prety cool - too cool not to mention them :)

For people who like puzzle solving , this is a very cool site to visit !
Had lot of fun solving this one yesterday - reminded me of the older games where gameplay and not polygons per sec was more important.
Where there is that small puzzle left which you know is simple but just cant crack !!
Reminds me of guru and myst ;)
(Update : finished it finally - thanks to tiger :D )

This is a must watch for all linux lovers - A really cool windows spoof !! Try exploring it ! (Esp the crash option - it actually freezes :) ) - quiet 'emotional' :P looks real nice :)
IF anyone does 'buy' it - please gimme a peek on the complete thing ! is a cool "game" :D - bloody addictive though !
is part 2 of it ... not that hot though. and for all my friends who drink :)) - another addictive game !


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