Sunday, November 28, 2004


As I have mentioned before in my blog , I am working on a open source project called opentools. (Click to find out more).
This has been started by my previous team's architect (this is the guy who always tells me to "Present/Lookat facts minus emotions" ;-) ) and we are nearing completion of first version of the first tool that we plan to put up :-)
I was working on this for sometime now .... should be checked in sometime this week !
Ofcourse , this is in Java - so pretty sure lot of people might be/might not be interested in it (depending on how you look at it !).

Now that this is nearly done (that is impl done : a small design issue left to be ironed out) ... looking for suggestions on what to attempt next.
Though we are primarily targetting generic developer tools , any specific requirements are also welcome (we migh be able to generify them and make a specific module/customisation to satisfy your requirement !)

Looking forward to ideas/suggestions - either add to comment's or mail me at "" Thanks !!

In other news ,
* I was looking at and reading up on scheme , pretty impressed ! Right now I have to put my brain through a blender to understand it ;) ... but getting the hang of it with each passing day !

* Joined Orkut a while back thanks to guru , thinking of exploring it more coming weeks. Assuming I get the time for it - work has been a bit hectic for a while and since I am nearly done with my prototype impl for work , should be able to get some slack : what with Thanksgiving off in US and the rest !

* Bought a whole bunch of Doctor Who books from Crossword last week - been busy reading them : felt the same way I used to feel when I was in school and used to devour them @ 10+ per week ! Nostalgia express to catch up on those characters !!!

* Net conn at home expired : darn !
Was considering seriously switching away from my cable net provider, but all other options seem a bit too expensive or just a bit too much for my requirements ..... think I will switch back to cable. Will try to arm twist him into givng a good deal :-D

* Saw Finding Nemo finally - the movie Rocks !!! Pixar guys are real dudes to render something like that ! AMAZING in caps I say !!!
In some scenes though you wish it was a tad bit better done : but what the heck , brilliant animation work I think !!
Here is the work that started it all ! Notice the brilliant lighting effects , the kinetics : no wonder they are the leaders in this field - esp considering that this was done a while ago :)


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