Monday, November 22, 2004

Stupid Executives and Solaris

Most of my friends know my derision for managers , executives and the like. (Hmm , comments are IT field centric here !)
To say that I consider that entire ilk parasitic , blood sucking , expendable morons is an understatement :)
But then someone always comes along who disproves me - has happened in a positive way quiet a few times recently : which still gives me hope for the IT industry !
Now today I see yet another example of exec stupidity.

Here is a open source solaris developer's response to what was written by one of HP's VP.(Got this link from James Gosling's blog).
Geeks rule !!! :)

On more serious note : exec's should try to restrict themselves to things that they are supposed to be good at - like running the company : trying to give a tech lecture will cause them to come up close and personal with clay when they fall flat on their face (as is shown in the above "article" !!)
As an anticipatory bail : Pretty much sure that most geeks will run a sucessful company to the ground if they are given the responsibility to run it ;)

On other news - have been terribly busy : vacation have this bad habit of increasing your workload .... but then who is complaining , I just had a 10 day vacation !!!
I am also working on opentools - started by my previous team's architect : my code will get checked in there pretty soon !
Though the way I am designing and writing it - you will be able to write modules to pretty much support anything : from proxies to loadbalancers to port forwarders to reverse proxies - in a protocol independent manner.


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