Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Solaris 10

Will try to do a series of blogs on my findings of solaris 10.
This is hot hot hot people !!!!
And I am going to do it topic by topic - taking upto (and maybe more !) than a week for what I can find about each 'feature'.
Though I am pretty much sure I am not going to be even decently as comprehensive as the kernal engineers from Sun :) - so keep checking out for their blog entries too !!

Topic for this week - ZFS : should be done by friday !

In case you want to choose - please leave comments on topics for next week : choose from zones , dtrace , N1 - choose more from here (or other places where you can get more info from :) )

-- Update ---

Sorry , cant post much about zfs - will have to wait for official release.
Seems like , it is still not released to external world and so no doc other than the released docs are supposed to be out ....
Some relevent externally accessible links I could find are these : a zfs kernel engineers blog !, overview preso.
Have fun - but only thing I can say from my readings from internal sites is - it is just too good to be true !
If it even works upto 10% of what they say , it will simply blow everything else away (features , storage capacity , administratability , etc) !!!


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