Monday, August 23, 2004

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Forgot to mention this - pretty stupid of me actually.
I deal with stuff like this daily and when it came to something that directly affects me - *boom* brain for a stroll around the park while I kept posting here !
When I went to Koushik's site today , I noticed it : I forgot to put up the status of the posts in my blogs !!!!!

Ok , not sure of what the validity of trying to retrospectively apply rights is - this will be relevent to the future posts atleast if not applicable to the past ones !

"All posts under this blog are (c) Mridul Muralidharan 2003-04
All articles are licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.
Comments belong to respective owners."

Must modify template too ...

Had a nice weekend - spent till 4:30 at night with aj and Srikanth on sat :D (ONLY till 2 on fri ;) )
Discussing all things under the sun - it was nice generally hanging out ! Guess the cops did not like that idea though and chased us off on fri ....
Met the dangerous tiger on sunday , ooooh so scary :D - well she did try scaring me on thu last week !!
She does not have the handle tiger for nothing ! Maddie , you think you have dangerous nails ?! :)
Had a nice time chatting up - was at Rao and Sood's new place (cool fridge btw !)

AND , back to another week .... surprisingly I woke up way too early - so in office for a change at 10:30 in morn :)


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