Friday, July 02, 2004


This is an amazing strip :)
Some of them really get to you - I am trying to catch up on the past strips and almost all are really hilarious !
The "You had to be there" ones reminded me too much of me meeting the others - Ajay , Alok , Noufal , Rai , etc.
Most of our conversations do go like how he describes in the strip ... "Eda , you remember when ..." or "Remember the guy who ..." , etc :)
It is awesome fun going through our past :D but must be really irritating to others ;)

The "ninja theatre" episodes are amazing !! Especially the side comments - rip roaring :)
This one I came across today - after having attended 3 tele-marketting calls.
It was smack on target :D - if only I had read this _before_ they had called :))

The fact that he has managed to create such a huge and varied world out of such a crazy set of characters makes it more enjoyable.
Most if not all of the strips are unpredictable (unless ofcourse you are following a "series").
Ofcourse sometimes you do feel that the general tone of a subset of the series is the same ... but then - you dont need to read it continously ! Take a break ;)
The not so indirect jabs at marketting , atheisim and religion are usually my favs :)


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