Monday, August 09, 2004

We didn't start the fire

Yesterday Anoop showed me this page - a really cool site !!
Considering that it has reached 1mil+ visitors , most of you would have already visited it ... but this is the first time I was doing it.
I always enjoyed the song - and this adds a new dimension to it :)

Had the blogger meet on sunday - seems like nearly same bunch of people turn up most of the times ....
This is my second time at one of these meets - and cardinality of the set of intersection of the two events is almost same as the cardinality of the union of the two meets ;-)
People take a hint - please try to attend these , if nothing , atleast will get to see the people I know virtually :)

Will write something more about the network thingy later ... need to clarify things - I am pretty lousy at documentation and writing things down properly.
The ideas keep bouncing up and down in my head forcing a lack of coherence when writing it down - Terry Prachett will be able to write something ultra cool to describe it :)
The books by him are forever in my top reading list ! Alongside catch22 and Calvin series :D (hmm , and many others , but let us not get into that - can see these books in front of me - so they get preference ;) )
Now I know why my doc-writer had to come back to clarify what I wrote for her so many times ... hmm , the fact that the final doc looked nothing like what I wrote initially must have been a hint - Anu , my salutes to you , you were great ! :)

Speaking of which , anyone has suggestions on how I can get my life back on a more "decent" timezone ?
Currently sleep at around 4 - 6 and wake up late - way late (not mentioning time here for obvious reasons - go to work only after that ;) ). People who have sucessfully managed to turn the clock around - please help - think this routine is going to screw me up pretty badly soon enough .....

Arrgh - 20+ books to finish reading ... on top of all the work related docs that is.
"Should control urge to buy books" - never works well ... never knew that harmless browsing of books in a shop would end up being so expensive :)
It is the money part that is not what irritates me , I like those books, hence bought them - but the fact that I buy them without any idea of when I can erad them is what gets my goat ....

Ok , people - it is light off now - will try to wake up earlier tommorrow - only 3:30 at night now !!!


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