Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Food Poisoning

Last thursday (8th July) , went to meet guru , chimpu and anjali at Lakeview. After that, met Alok for dinner at Earthern Oven and then went for a late coffee with him to Java City.
Dont know which of these joints is responsible for putting me out of action for 3 days from then.(Luckily none of the others were affected)
Was puking my guts out the whole night and in the end , my flatmate Kanwar took me to Mallaya Hospital in the wee hours of the morning 'cos I couldn't take it anymore ... there they gave me an injection and some tablets.
Thankfully that did the trick - was extremely weak : but survived without anymore vomiting incidents.
Was dog tired the whole weekend , and slowly recovered my strength , stamina and humour :)
Kanwar took care of my food , medicines and was a gem - recovered fast due to him and the others in my flat.
Now am fine and back in action ... but have resolved to eat less from outside (less tending to zero in the forseeable future) ... maybe dad's advice did have some merit :D - following it after 3 years in blr !!!


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