Thursday, July 08, 2004

Volume 4 of The Art of Computer Programming by Don Knuth

The online version is available here
According to this , it is supposed to contain subjects that I really enjoy reading up on.
Unlike the previous books which I never read seriously or committedly (my lack of effort) , this one I would be reading in all seriousness.
(Hope there is no prerequisite on the other books - else I will have to read those too to understand this one *sigh*)

By the way , his offer still stands I think - finding errors and giving significant suggestions.
If I EVER get one - that would be the shining accomplishment of my life :D
And will forever be the first thing in my resume (when I get down to write it that is) ... *sigh* no harm in dreaming :(

By the way , thinking of a protocol - explained basic idea to Alok , Ajay B and Rajesh (my prev teams architect).
It looks like a very nice , but potentially impossible (impl wise) idea - maybe I will post it here someday - told Sood that I would .. hence this "bail" :D


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