Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The welcome !

Not sure how many have you have felt like royalty ... but I sure was treated like a king the last couple of day !
First off , the trip was 'uneventful' ... and surprisingly I was not at all tired at the end of it.
Got here at around 8 saturday evening - an hour or so late , and yet Girish was still waiting for me :-)
We chatted all the way to my apartment , spent a bit of time trying to 'get inside' and then had an uneventful dinner. He was a perfect host all throughout ... I would have been totally but for him !!

Sunday , I had an appointment with Daku007 :-D
I had a ball of a time with her the whole day : completely forgot all about work and just enjoyed myself thoroughly.
She showed me all around this place , we drove around like crazy (ok , she does the driving and I do the talking ;-) ) , clicked pics like there was no tommorrow and generally psyched everyone around us :-P
Btw , will post pics where daku looks like a Vogue model - courtesy , my awesome photography skills >:-)
And yes , I have bestowed her with my 'amazing luck' for the coming week for being a gem of a host and indulging all my stupid wishes - may all her wished come true :-D All this inspite of the fact that she was dead tired from quite a bit of physical exertion the prev week !!

Monday , back to work :-( Met a few people (most are on vacation) and got back to the business of bugfixing ...

I never thought much of the time difference until now ... When I was going to bed sunday night , I got the kicks when I imagined all my collegues back in Bangalore cursing their way to the office ;-)


Blogger emanish said...

No Jetlag ? cool...
Say Hi, to Daku when you meet her next.
Enjoy your stay !

7/18/2006 09:04:00 PM  

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