Thursday, July 27, 2006

Odds and ends ...

Just got back yesterday night from the XMPP interop event - written about it a bit here.
The second day of the event , I woke up with a bad case of headache and moderately high fever ... thankfully I had packed some medicines and so I could make it through the day without too much of a problem.
Having the stupid flight delayed by more than two hours did not improve things and I got back to the apartment at one at night ...
So , did not make it to office today - and was watching TV most of the day.
You will be surprised at the amount of ad's on most of the channels ! And interestingly , there are three broad categories for the ad's : a) Prescription drugs and other 'health improvement' products , b) Earn money easy 'schemes' , c) How to save money schemes.
They are as pathetic as they are boring ! Considering how 'rich' this country is supposed to be , this sort of advertising is borderline pathetic :-P

And I better watch what I write here , my manager Jacques browsed over my blog while we were waiting at the airport ;-)
He found the post about focal time particularly hilarious :-P


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