Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gajjar ka halwa

First things first : A very happy and prosperous New year to all !

Now ....

I suck at cooking , and yet I like to eat tasty food :-D
(Note : The definition is hacked such that whatever I cook is tasty ;-) )

Me , Aparup and Shireen were at Koshy's for dinner on 1st Janand Shireen had this craving for 'Gajjar ka halwa'.

Unfortunately , they did not have it.
So we dropped desert plans from there and went 'Gajjar ka halwa' hunting in the restaurants nearby.
The pretty heavy dinner that we just had made us (me and Aparup ?) give up the search pretty fast.

In most normal circumstances (read lazy me) , the matter would end there .... and I did promptly forget all about it as soon as I got home.

But ....

Next night , Aparup IM's me to go over to his place ... and when I get there , voila !

Pity that I was full , else I could have had more :-) (Is dessert served at the end of a meal on purpose ? So that we dont have lots of it ?!)

Shireen did try to give me a technical rundown about how easy/hard it was to make it , but /me content to just gorge on the delicious sweatmeat :-D

Moral of the story :
* Never give up your desires.
And more importantly ,
* Stay close to people who dont give up their's and are willing to share :-)

By the way people , Mr. Noufal Ibrahim is back to blogging :-) Yet another destination for me to spam at !!


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