Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Comment wars and other things

I have seen quite a bit of flaming ... from newsgroups to mailing lists.
But the war through comments seems to have been taken to a new high at Scott Adam's blog.
It all started with a simple post here.
It pretty soon escalate into full blown flaming ... both sides shouting at him :-)
People getting all serious about it and missing the obvious and subtle puns in his posts.
The comment's are as entertaining as the post themselves (though a bit tedious to wade through the crappy ones).
Check this out btw , funny ;-)

In other news , got my stuff here finally !
Not getting enough time to use them though ... so my comp is in running condition with me not being able to use it much - same for the tv :-(

The speed at which things are becoming obselete is alarming now ... I got my comp about 3+ years back , and I had a decent graphics card (GeForce4 440MX 64 mb ram AGP 4.x) at the time I got it.
Got Black and White 2 this weekend and tried to run it , and rats - it needs pixel shader 1.x or so .... so no luck , cant play it :-(

Outdated in less than 4 years !
Thankfully , I can still play Quake4 - though barely : turn off all effects , shadows off ... and play at the bare minimum.
I guess this is just one more reason pushing me towards a new dual core comp ...


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