Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nice !

Followed the link on Sood's post and ended up at jwz's site ... after like ages !
Have missed the place... saw the posts , rants , "reviews" and felt good reading them again :)

Came across The Tao Of Programming again after ages ... oh , how I missed it !!
Reading The Unix-Haters Handbook - maybe I will learn something really interesting from it ...
Some of jmz's booksmarks are really nice , check them out.

I have _never_ coded in perl , when I see perl code - I tend to avoid if possible.
Only once did I need to much around with perl code - as part of data migration effort in first product I worked on in Sun ... it was to hack someone else's code , and needless to say I hated it - I could finish the task , everything looked "dirty" to me : intutive , yes - but still dirty.
Just saw the code that jmz has put out here ... and found it to be nice :) - disclaimer : maybe most of the perl code written is like this - readable and intutive (I always found it intutive) , this is the second piece of non-trivial perl code I am seeing , so pardon my ignorance !
Think I should attempt to readup on perl ... my ex-sysadmin always keeps threatening that he will learn perl some day and create a "virtual Om" in his lab which does most of his work while he enjoys himself :) Maybe I should attempt to help him on this ;)

BTW , listening to DNA Lounge's audio cast :) - this week dedicated to jmz !! :D


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