Thursday, February 03, 2005

Moving ...

Like I have already mentioned before , my health has been quiet steadily deteriorating past few months ...
My parents have been asking me to move to Bombay with them for quiet sometime now , but I have been postponing this decision with one excuse (reason ?) or another.
Things came to a head last weekend : MMN's performance was literally blood chilling - my BP dropped so much that I fainted.
Only remember going out of the "hall".
I was out like a lamp for 5+ mins or so (according to the guard who revived me) - dont remember making the journey from walking to lying on floor , but woke up a shock when water was liberally sprayed on me.
The kind gentleman was very helpful - would never forget him , and gave me sugar assuming it was low blood sugar problem (I suspect that it could be a possible reason too ...).

Anyway , to make a long story short , I decided after this incident that it was hightime I moved in with parents until health recovered to decent level.
So bottomline is , I am moving to Bombay - the interesting part is , my manager has agreed to allow me to work from home - so hopefully no problems in that front.
Plan as of now is that I will work for about 6+ months from there and then head back to Bangalore ....
(Is there anything specific I need to watch out for / need to do for working from home - as in any expierences , instructions , etc anyone wants to share ? Thanks)

Dunno when I will be leaving exactly - sometime thins month for sure.
Will leave as soon as the net conn gets activated at home.

Neeraj - need your number , could not call you when I was there this weekend.


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