Wednesday, June 23, 2004

SS Music

Whenever I turn on the tv at night , I invariably seem to end up at this channel.
And I must say , I am begining to enjoy it : No anchors , no ads - just great music !
Yesterday was eerie : It was almost like my entire winamp playlist was getting played there !

I like their music selection in general , and they seem to have sensible programs : atleast towards the night - like the Aerosmith flick that they had last sunday or so.

Here is hoping that they continue for a long time to come in between (and maybe overshadow) the biggies.
(Who by the way seem to be adamant on playing crap music most of the time :( )

Speaking of nights - my body's time schedules seem to be all screwed up now !
Earlier I used to be consistent - very late to bed , very late to wake up.
Now it is acting strange : feel sleepy towards afternoon or wake up really early or sleep very early , etc , etc.
If any of this was consistent , I can just slip into that as a regular thing ... but this is like very very erratic.
I have almost no control over my body - and so I can only pray that it stabilises soon ... :)

Middle of the week ... time to break the monotony : anyone game for a movie ? :)


Blogger Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

There is a link on this blog which says "your really really old" site. i half expected it to point to this page :)

12/04/2009 05:15:00 PM  

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