Wednesday, June 02, 2004

GNU Chess 6

I approached Simon Waters , Stuart Cracraft and RMS asking for permission to start with a new version of GNUChess.
The current version is quiet dated compared to most of the newer ideas in the field , and is much weaker.
The arangement is :
If the new program that I come up with is significantly better than GNUChess and is well documented , then this new version will become GNUChess 6 :)

Ideas that I proposed to them in my mail were :


a) Incorporate the non-bitboard approach once more into GNUChess : especially the fast move generator that Vincent Diepeveen put in public domain at CCC.
(Refer :
The advantages of this are two fold :
i) Very fast move generation.
ii) Reuse the same for attacktables , mobility evaluation , etc.

b) Implement some of the ideas mentioned by Ed Schroder in his page :
Some of these used to exist in GNUChess 4 in more primitive form.

c) Add smp support to GNUChess using YBW.

d) Try porting it to start running on mobile devices.

It will be a total rewrite supporting all existing features.
I have no doubts on the strength of the new version ;) ... but readibility , that is another issue !

So any "volunteers" for this project ?? :)


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