Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Waking up from a nightmare ...

After a couple of friends insisted that I try to replace the 'damaged' harddisk, I went ahead, backed everything up, and reinstalled the whole rig.
As part of getting the hard disks (two GB and one 1TB), I saw another "thing" which took my fancy .... AMD Phenom 9750 :-D

Since my mobo was supposed to be compatible with it, I got that one along with the disks and viola - 4 core box now !! (There is a small bit of 'horror' story associated with actually getting it to work which I will conveniently miss out here ;-) ).

Initial test with my chess program (which I have not 'touched' in about a year or more :-( ) shows that a single core is slower than the athlon 6000xp I had (inspite of the higher cache, the clock speed wins out) but you consider all 4 cores, and the fact that the program seems to scale beautifully, it is wonderful to see it in action !

Off on a short vacation home for 4 days ... see you all back soon !


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