Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nightmare mode ON !

And so, I was back to Quake3 demo again - trying to finish it off in nightmare mode : after a few weeks of sporadic attempts and I succeeded finally at 3am day before y'day night !
Little did I know that end of the game was beginning of another nightmare ....

The victory screen was uncharacteristically 'slow and sluggish' - I was gloating too much to observe : and then quake3 crashed ... ok, this was unexpected. It crashed so bad, it took directx down with it : so I restart Vista while in 16 color mode.

The restart results in 'funny' things happening ... for one, it is amazingly slow : my braindead stupidity still did not see anything grossly amiss ... and then a few shortcut icon's went 'blank' ... followed by a slowly dawning observation that I could not 'launch' or 'run' any program !

An hour or so later I realize what happened : pretty much most of one partition (which hosted quake3) was hosed badly - possibly some disk crash as part of gaming is my current guess.

Then starts the grueling task of trying to recover data, trying to check disks for other errors, check system for viruses et al ... and now, 42 hours later with 6 hours of hurried sleep in between : I recover my system at expense of losing the 60 gig partition - thankfully nothing else is lost or damaged.

Trying to format that 60 gig partition, scan it - even low level scans by seagate tools, leads to system crashes and other nonsense : considering it is on a 1 TB drive, I dont care about the space loss - just worried that it would 'creep' into other parts too :-(

Moral of the story - dont play nightmare mode if you can possibly win it !


Blogger /<0USIK said...

If you play in Nightmare and win it, possibly means you won't care about or play the game anymore; so it self destructs :-)

I hope you had backups. Uh, backing 1TB is a big affair.

7/31/2008 04:44:00 PM  
Blogger Noufal said...

Ouch man.. Ouch.. My sympathies...
The movies and music can always be downloaded again but I pray that you backed up your work. :(

7/31/2008 05:59:00 PM  

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