Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Becoming too irritated

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For quite a while now, I have been evangelizing netbeans - partly because I used to work on studio (which was built on top of netbeans), partly because it showed a lot of promise ... but of late, I am getting seriously pissed with it. When really simple things dont work after so many years of development - I think it is time to stop using the ide.

I am not going to list all the past problems I have had - stability, inability to handle very large projects too well, project support screwing up for free-form projects, etc, etc - but the last straw is the pretty messed up refactoring support - it returns inconsistent query results, and some of the transformations left the codebase mucked up (recoverable ofcourse, no thanks to netbeans).

No, dont tell me to keep filing bugs for such really basic and simple functionality. I have already lost quite a lot of time and effort on this - 'find usage' which does not find all usages (and get arbitrarily disabled at times requiring an ide restart ?! wtf !), 'go-to definitions' which dont work, refactoring which leaves the code all messed up (simple ones like rename class, etc) - the sort of basic stuff which has been around for ages in every language and ide.

So it is goodbye netbeans for now - instead of trying to expand into other languages, probably they should probably try to fix the basic support I guess.

*Update* Impressed with Intellij - so much so that, I forked out $250 for it


Blogger aadis said...

I've heard good things about InelliJ too. From some of the Java devs at my new PoW (place of work).

Sticking to my outdated and very labor intensive emacs though :-/

8/15/2007 01:43:00 AM  

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