Monday, July 02, 2007

Steve Yegge, Poignant Guide to Ruby

Of late, I have been reading and going through the archives of Steve Yegge - both his new blog and his old one.
He has a very entertaining style of writing, and he makes a lot of sense in a no-nonsense way : though like all google employees, the expected google fanboyism and fawning is present in liberal measure :-)

One of the things he mentioned was to take a look at the Poignant Guide to Ruby.
I have resisted attempts to learn Ruby ... for some weird unknown reason. I suspect mainly because of Ruby on Rails - I just dont want to even look at another web authoring framework, there are enough of that nonsense in the java world itself.
But Ruby as a language looks really nice, and the poignant guide is one of the most unconventional tutorials I have ever see ... and I think the most entertaining !
Definitely worth looking at !


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