Friday, August 10, 2007

Accomplished ...

I was watching a bunch of movies the last few weeks - not only the famous, but the offbeat, not-so-famous to downright boring stuff ... essentially to drown all other thoughts.

What I found interesting was that, in some of the movies, some of the young actors & actresses play their part surprisingly well - and looking up their career in imdb tends to be very instructive - most of the interesting performances were by people who have been acting from quite a young age: might not have been prominent roles, but they have been involved.

One of the things we keep discussing is the degradation in standards in movie making : the lack of story, acting ability, change of focus, shallowness, the mania for sequels to make a quick buck ...
This is not triggered by some then-vs-now syndrome, but most of the movies nowadays are genuinely shit : in almost all movie industries (which make movies which I watch anyway). But maybe we will soon have a new breed of movies and performers who will keep us entertained with some good features.

Here is hoping for the best !


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