Saturday, June 16, 2007

Redhat's subversive tactics ?

Its been well over 5 years since I looked at NSS/JSS, and while recently visiting I found it weird that most of the NSS/JSS related documentation seems to be 'geared' towards Redhat !
How are both of these related to redhat products in any way ?! They are infrastructure frameworks & libraries and other products depend on them (as do a lot of other products including many from Sun).
So documentation on how to use and configure NSS/JSS within the context of a specific companies offering should naturally be hosted in that companies documentation site, not in

Look here for some examples [1], [2]. These pages are talking about introduction to SSL & PKI - why the hell should they mention RedHat ?
It smells of 'taking over' documentation and cheap advertising to me ... sucks.


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