Friday, May 06, 2005

Some interesting links

Lot of you might have seen this : An Automatic CS Paper Generator (if you have not , give it a whirl - it is pretty cool !).
What is even better is that the authors nearly pulled off a coup - they took a randomly generated paper and almost got it presented at a conference ! Read more at the site.
Some of the responses from the conference committee and analysis of them are damn cool ... I especially enjoyed this.
While you are at it , read this too.
(I have come across the above links from the SCIgen site ... )

I happened to comment to vipin about how I did not really enjoy modern art - my definition here was very vague and based on what I have seen ... I am not very knowledgable about it , neither have I really seen many styles/pieces of art.
Usually , I really enjoy paintings like these and the ones here (courtesy vipin).
Ofcourse , he pointed me to a Dali's site (not fair not fair at all !!) and yep , as you can guess ... no more , not liking modern art sweeping statements ;) (While you are there , check out the quotes by Dali ... esp the one "Every morning when I wake up, I experience an ..." such a statement by anyone else would be termed arrogance ! but for Dali ... it is different :-D)
I still dont fancy cubist paintings and those splashes of colors style stuff ... I rather prefer more "traditional" paintings of people , landscapes - more "real" ones ;-) (coming from a guy who is almost always in front of the comp - this is rich !) ... and considering my near to zero skills in all of these , I think /me should just shut up and enjoy the work of others :-)

While we are at this , take a look at this - all you perl guru's might have some way of improving it :) And yes , from what I read , Tim Bray did mention this to Larry Wall ... who said perl 6 is gonna change it :-D (Note - this is a niche : not a general comment about perl's regexp parser).

Joined new team ... and already learning so much that it is akin to drinking from a fire hose !
Some really cool code has been written in this product , and using things I was not very comfortable with since I never used them before ... nio , xml streams , etc.
Reading up on xmpp , related JEPs , ... - exciting stuff !! and the team is small and damn good - should be interesting times ahead :-)
Hopefully , I should be in Bangalore on 15th or so ... not yet confirmed !
Will try to catch up with friends then (will be at Vipin's place : so will be definitely meeting him ;-) ) - though I will be quiet busy trying to catch up with the new team.

Ok , I downloaded the quake code (again :-P) and this time I am a bit more serious in trying to understand its mysteries !
And I am going to do it solo ... without any books to help me ;-) - ok , ok , some of you can already see this attempt ending in a failure but who knows , who knows indeed !

I have said it in the past , I will say it again ... maddox rules :-)
Check these out from the archives 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , - just a random sample of what I have opened up here ;-)

Now , it is time to get back to work ... oh wait

Forgot to flog Fali.
He tortured me through 3 hours of the most boring and senseless movie _ever_ - called Kaal.
It is small consolation that he regreted watching the movie himself :-)
Ok , for people who dont know who fali is , he is a class mate of mine from college - a damn cool dude - goes by the official name of Fouzan Ali.
/me met him after almost 4 years , and yep he has not put on any height since I last saw him ;-)
Met him , Vijaya (his wife) and NY ... hmm , I should attribute part of the blame on Neeraj too - the idiot should have stopped fali from buying those tickets !
*sick* movie people , really really pathetic.
Vivek Oberoi (name correct ?) is such a lousy actor and keeps sprouting the dialogue "Cut the crap" or some such asinine drivel - and his idea of looking pissed/irritated/angry/etc is to make a face as though he is constipated.
I dont even want to start off about the other "actors" and props (read actresses).
Ok , I will shut up now about this topic - opens up way too many wounds which I am trying to heal :-(


Blogger Noufal said...

Sounds like you're having fun. Nice link to the Perl/Java regexp bit.

There was a link somewhere. A parody Oreilly cover that had a combination of various animals and a "Perl 6! There's more than one way to mess things up!" title.

I've been using it for a while now and it's got /some/ neat stuff but on the overall, it's just too "non orthogonal". Wall likes to call it a "diagonal" language. :)

5/06/2005 05:32:00 PM  
Blogger ETV said...

Didnt know that Fali watches Hindi movies nowadays. More surprised about him taking another person to watch a Hindi movie. :-) Maybe marriage changes people a lot. he he

5/09/2005 09:43:00 AM  

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