Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In other news ...

Went to IMAX with NY - nice theatre !
A movie about Tenzing Norgay's son's everest sucess : a movie made for imax - so the effects were real nice : a particular scene about someone sliding down a rope was a bit too realistic and you tend to feel dizzy :)
Ofcourse the size of that screen is uncomparable with normal screens - so that also helps , and the sound system was good.

Like NY mentioned , we found that we sucks bigtime at mortal kombat :( The added discomfort of playing it on a console was also there .... anyway, I better pretend that I am too old for those games now ;)

Started playing CounterStrike online (got it with Half Life2) and I must say , it is bloody interesting. Very nice game I must say ! I just tend to spawn , buy weapons , make an attempt at killing opponents , die almost instantenously (usually after a killing a friend - so I get forced to observe next round for TKing)
I suck bigtime at it , BUT - I will improve , yes sir , I will :)

Karthik (a.k.a spamurai) sent me "mallu rap" , and having not heard it until now , I found it hilarious !! I have uploaded it here - enjoy maadi :)
It beats the mallu version of Hotel California ;-)

More updates later ...


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