Saturday, December 22, 2012

JDK 7 weirdness !

This is completely unintutive behavior in JDK 7.
I am sure the language theorist's will have some reason why it makes perfect sense, but as a programmer, it is confusing and unintutive.

Consider this simple class :
public class Jdk7Bug {

  private final int value;
  public Jdk7Bug(int value){
    this.value = value;
  public static <C extends Jdk7Bug> void bug(C instance){

  public static <C extends Jdk7Bug> void works(C instance){
    Jdk7Bug val = instance;

As you guessed it, the method 'bug' will fail with compile error in jdk7 (not in 6).
Generics is complicated enough without introducing weirdnesses like this, sigh ...


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