Monday, June 06, 2011

AMD #Fail !

For a company making a lot of hype and noise around GPGPU computing AMD/ATI has done a piss poor job at it.
AMD has been going to press a lot about OpenCL and how it is next best thing to sliced bread : and yet their own drivers are functionally neutered. Some of the primary benefits of OpenCL are lost due to lack of support for concurrent kernel execution ! I am told that this is a purely driver issue since the newer hardware (6800 series which I have) is supposed to support it !!

Yep - with hundreds of processors on the card, and yet we can still execute only a single kernel at a time because engineers in AMD are not pushed hard to add support for this in the driver : this is particularly sad considering that Nvidia has had this support for quite a while now ....
And to make matters worse, it is rumored (from the forums) that the next version of their SDK and driver will still NOT contain this support ...
Considering that users have been raising this as early as 2009, this is definitely not a new demand !
For a company which is betting heavily on GPGPU (AMD fusion APU, etc), this is definitely not an encouraging sign.

Sigh, talk about wounding customers and then sprinkling salt liberally over the wound !

Now considering if it is worth spending money on a Fermi nvidia card .... so soon after buying the ATI card :-(


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