Saturday, September 29, 2007

Depressing ...

I found out today, that some really really cool engineers and architects, have been RIF'ed from Sun. Some of whose work I have come to respect over the past 6 years I have been here ... I dont know many of them personally, but their work has resulted in me learning and understanding things better; steering not just future of Sun products, but also the domains they have been working in by authoring/influencing the specifications.

It is indeed depressing to go through this charade pretty much every other quarter ... this would be the problem with making profits by reducing operational margin I guess, you need to keep laying off people to make profit !
Last month, when I told dad about the impending RIF in september, he joked ... pretty soon, only senior management will be left in your company - and they will declare huge profit and heavy bonuses with every one else getting retrenched !

If I am not wrong, I just survived the 13th (yep, it is a friday today) RIF in my 6 year career at Sun.


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