Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Loosing the drive ?!

The past few months - almost the past one year actually , has been extremely hectic.
Well , after all that - from mid of last week I have been surprisingly free : I was not directly involved in anything 'burning' for the first time in like ages :-)
And , to add to my surprise , it was extremely distracting - almost felt that I was loosing my drive.
(Actually there is another reason for becoming demotivated - but that is another issue)

Dusted up my chess program and started hacking on it ... anything to get back into a furious mode of writing code (I think I seriously compromised its strength in the process : test/tune/test/repeat rigourously before introducing changes - old chess programming maxim was violated massively).
I think I should learn to relax more with my life ... imbalance is not good.
And to illustrate the point - I am writing this at 6 am , and I have not yet slept while friends are trying to make me sleep :-)


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