Saturday, September 30, 2006

I preyed

Ok , that is one more game over - Prey.
And boy , what a game !
It starts off as a bit too lame - and the initial few rounds try to familiarise you with the concept of portals , walkways , gravity flipping , etc and frankly I was irritated with its simplicity initially and did not have much hope : a lot of irritating puzzles and the like - if I want to solve puzzles , I will go do something else , not play FPS !
After you are well into the game , the fun really starts ! The music is really good and totally pumps you up in some of the tight moments of the game.
The initial set of 'high power monsters' fight pretty lame : though they obviously have awesome power - easy to dodge and attack ... but as the game progresses two things happen : they seem to play better and many of them come at high numbers.
The level bosses at the initial episodes become common minions in subsequent level boss fights !
You keep playing with the notion that the 'keeper' is this uber boss ... and after killing him , pretty tough considering he summons all the other level bosses , you think - game over : hahaha like hell :-)
The fun really starts now ! You have keepers all around the place as though they are the 'common' hunters (the 3rd level or so enemy who use scoped guns) ...
The final boss is pretty tough to kill - until you figure out how to kill her that is ... after which , it is 'tame'.

All in all , very enjoyable game , albeit a bit lopsided in its difficulty - there are places where the enemy comes in droves in small places making it really tough ... and some others where the level bosses are so easy to slay !


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