Sunday, October 01, 2006

London Underground

Very explict lyrics - so listen if you are up to it : amazingly funny , a very catchy tune and the flash video is funny :-) ... thanks to a friend of mine.

In other rants, I am finding that most of what I want to blog does to make it here (including a post today) for a simple reason : combination of linux x64 , firefox 64 bit and Xorg.
I am not sure which of these is to blame - but firefox is insanely unstable in this combination and crashes on the drop of a hat as soon as you have about 15 sites open.
And no , cpu load is not high and memory usage is low (it is my desktop at work : athlon 4200 , 2 gig ram) ....

And to top it all , blogger beta is insanely stupid in not even having something elementary like periodically saving the post as drafts until published !

So crash , restart -> post lost : I am not going to sit and type all that elsewhere or even retry.

It is pretty sad when win xp 64 I have at home is much more stable than linux ...


Blogger V said...

ROFL... good flash!

10/02/2006 01:13:00 PM  

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