Sunday, April 16, 2006

Miyamoto Musashi

I had come across a collection of three movies which are an adaptation of a book by Eiji Yoshikawa. I have never been exposed to his works , so did not really know what to expect.
The movies were titled Samurai 1 , 2 and 3 (with episode names) : very barebones you can say. Since I had a really long weekend , I hit upon the idea of watching one each day.

I dont know whom I should applaud - Hiroshi Inagaki for the direction , the actors for the brilliant performance , the screenplay adaptation , the cinematography ... : all were superlative imo - but one thing is for sure , Eiji Yoshikawa has written a masterpiece which allowed for such a powerful movie.
There are so many subtle touches in the acting , the nuances , the emotions ... ok , ok bottomline - I just loved it way too much , so should stop gushing like a teenager :-P
Not sure how faithful the movie is to the original work : but it sure is a powerful piece of cinema.
Very highly recommended ... the only drawback - I think I missed some of the subtitles.

The movies I saw : Miyamoto Musashi , Zoku Miyamoto Musashi: Ichijôji no kettô and Miyamoto Musashi kanketsuhen: kettô Ganryûjima.


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