Friday, March 23, 2007

streak of sadism ?!

Maybe sadism is too strong a word.
I am referring to Malayalam movies here (excluding the current generation of largely unwatchable crap that comes out) .
There are a lot of them where the very last few scenes of the movie, the viewer is left with the final twist for the worse - that too after things have supposedly become 'fine and dandy'.
If you dont catch it, you will still have a good enough expierence - but if you do, it becomes extremely ironic.

- hero and heroine just missing each other at the traffic signal to be separated forever though they have surmounted all 'difficulties' to reach that point.
- hero getting 'cured' of his diseases and starting life afresh with his loved ones just to show us the last image that things are just the way it used to be ! (just saw this movie of Srinivasan ... which triggered this post :-) )
- a long and painful struggle for some objective throughout the movie, just to give it up at the last minute 'just like that' (no, not the sacrifice angle !)
etc, etc. The seasoned movie goer will identify the movies I might be referring to above, but these are just instances ... I dont want to list all the endings I know :-P

It does add a high degree of unpredictability to the whole expierence, and yes - I have seen people not always taking it well. Whether you like it or hate it, it sure as hell was much more enjoyable to me ! The blend of comic, humor, seriousness and wry twists made it very entertaining.


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