Sunday, February 18, 2007

CCT9 day 2

The day started badly, Vipin woke me up to tell me that there was a power outage expected from 8 am to 6 pm ?!! And shortly thereafter power failures started happening on and off.

The first game against Baron could proceed though - but npmess did not evaluate the resulting KBP end game properly, and a bug in the null move condition made it enter zugwang and subsequent loss. I did not play to the loss, the power went off and I resigned and disconnected.

As a last ditch effort, I sent a copy to a friend of mine to connect using - but it was just not the same : memory params (it was swapping on his box), book, etc are conditioned for my machine - and needless to say, the games after that were all losses.

Thanks to the pathetic infrastructure in this city (sic), day 2 was miserable failure for my engine.
The power came right after everything was over - a symbolic F U to me from mottu (as Aparup puts it).

Took part in the blitz tournament after CCT9 - had to miss the first round due to the generous present from BSEB - but finished in the middle of the pack : considering my engine is 'slow', this blitz showing is reasonable. There were a couple of losses due to king side attack where I thought my eval sucked : need to revisit that.


Blogger Unawoken said...

Hey dude,
Good show there, 3/4 on the first day! Cool. Yeah, 2nd day must have sucked. Still am awed that you write and maintain a >= GM engine!

2/27/2007 01:31:00 AM  
Blogger Mridul said...

oh no, this version absolutely crap when it comes to endgames - so absolutely nowhere near a GM.
Like I said - it cant even plan KRK properly - shuffles quite a bit to mate !
And KPK, etc? pretty damn sad evaluation.

Anything more complicated, and it is ruined.... but all in all, I kind of like this version :-) So I will continue to hack at it on and off, let me see where i can take it :-D

2/27/2007 01:40:00 AM  

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